Definition of binding and history of binding in the world and Iran

1- What does binding mean? At first, we will examine the lexical meaning of “Sahafi” based on the definitions of Dehkhoda dictionary and several dictionaries: * Dehkhoda’s dictionary: a bookmaker is defined as someone who sews and binds a book, or a book cover maker, and binding is defined as an act done by a […]

Types of binding

There are different types of bookbinding in the Iranian market, each of which has its own characteristics and based on the type of application of the product, the life span of the product, the amount of budget and so on. . . It is chosen to include: 1- Full binding (glue) 2- Stitched binding (stitched […]

Types of covers in binding and its application

Types of binding covers: Choosing the right cover for any book, magazine or any other content is one of the most important issues that must be carefully chosen in terms of the connection to the pages. In the following, the types of covers in binding are explained, and you can choose the best cover according […]

Binding tools – modern binding

Binding tools: Binding is performed in two traditional and modern methods, the traditional method is mostly used for exquisite and valuable books, which are often historical and handwritten, or handwritten and historical copies of Qurans, and the modern method, which uses machines It is semi-automatic and fully automatic for all kinds of printed books, magazines, […]