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About us

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Vesta company started its activities in 1999 with the aim of producing high quality and diverse products at the international level, and with the continuous efforts of all personnel, it has succeeded in achieving its goal until today. different colors that were produced for the first time in Iran. In the past few years, wall poster paper has also been added to the company’s product collection. Due to the quality in line with the international markets, this collection has been able to meet the needs of these products in the country. So that their import is very limited. This group will do its best to satisfy as many consumers as possible.

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Vesta company started its activities in 1999 with the aim of producing high-quality and diverse products at the international level.

Wall poster design

Most people’s question is about the difference between 3D wallpaper or wall poster and ordinary wallpaper. The first difference is the excessive beauty of the wall poster and it cannot be used on all walls and parts of the house. Wall poster is usually a beautiful and unique design, but wall paper is a repeated design for all walls. In terms of material, most of the 3D wallpapers or wall posters are washable and have high resistance.

Hardcover design

This type of binding is very popular among students because most of theses covers are of this type. Of course, hardcover binding is used in many companies and organizations due to its strength and durability. The cover of these bindings has different materials and the final cover on the cover is usually hardcover. These covers are available in different colors and designs and you can choose your favorite color. Your logo or brand can be engraved in gold or silver on the hardcover.


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